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  • 2018 Established (Sandringham Vic Australia)

  • 2015 Established  (Brighton Vic Australia)



  • 2015 Established (Melbourne)



  • 2014  Leading independant valuation agency in France.

  • 2012  Addition of new expertise in heritage preservation in conjunction with a founding member of the grands ateliers parisiens, Simon Pierre Etienne.

  • 2007  Appointed as a court expert for district courts, the Paris court of appeal, specialised in European furniture and art objets from 17th, 18th and 19th century.

  • 1997  Appointed as Expert to the customs valuation commission.

  • 1995  Established Cabinet Dillée, Valuers, creation of the database including 300 000 artwork references to date.

  • 1990 Established as artist in Paris seventh

  • 1990  Member of the French Syndicate for professional artwork experts specialised in furniture, art objets and tapestries.

  • 1989  Assistant to Mr jean Pierre Dillée in his valuation work, apprenticeship with the leading expert in French 18th&19th century artwork.

  • 1988  Sculptures department of the Wildenstein Gallery in New York.

  • 1987  Atelier DELAVALADE cabinet maker and restorer of antique furniture.



  • 1989- 1995  Working alongside Mr Jean Pierre Dillée valuation ,advisor and expert for court of cassation.

  • 1987-1989  Higher education institute of artistic professions (graduate)

  •  1985  Higher school certificate- Economics stream



  • Specialist research, study, analysis and valuation of 17th, 18th and 19th cetury furniture and european art.

  • Court expert in the indentification of forgeries and the resolution of legal claims.

  • Customs expert in the indentification of fraudulent artwork.

  • Specialist speaker on art market topics and on decorative art history

  • Advisor to collectors and curators on artwork acquisitions.

  • Art Historian specialised in historical and iconographic research  of major 18th&19 th century collections.

  • In-deph knoledge of the art market, auctions and galleries



  • 2004 Knigh in the order of  Arts and letters

  • Thesis : icoographic directory of decorative elements of 18th centurey french furniture.

  • The French tapestry workshops prior to the Gobelins period.

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