2022- MERRICKS ART GALLERY Vic Australia
2021- SOFITEL  MELBOURNE cbd Vic Australia
2008-2014 Gallerie  GSD Paris 7eme France

DONALD WILLIAMS GLOBAL ART PROJECT https://www.gap.net.au/who-we-are

Born in Paris in 1966, Guillaume Dillée followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps to become a renowned art advisor to a range of museums, art galleries and private collectors.


After almost three decades immersed in the artistic worlds of Paris and other capitals of Europe Dillée took a bold and courageous step and migrated with his family to Australia where he became inspired to devote his life to more direct artistic ventures in the form of landscape painting as he explains;

Currently living in Melbourne, I have found myself seduced by the beauty, nature, and culture within Australia. The country’s unparalleled cultural diversity and its forefront as the most biologically diverse nation in the world, has largely influenced my work as a direct link with a world of fusion.


Dillée’s pictures require a bit of time to explore, to absorb and to digest all the elements across the picture plane with its bold colour, techique and style.  The two works here are dynamic and mesmerising hybrids of imagined and real landscapes with compositions sought from various influences including 19th century German Romanticism and traditional Chinese and Japanese painting with their unique perspectives of multiple vertical planes and delicate brushwork.  His technique maybe seen as unorthodox particularly in its practice of combining watercolour, acrylic, enamel and oil paints together creating almost a ‘tapestry-like’ surface with both broad and delicate brushwork. His generous and all encompassing use of both bold and muted colour palette too creates for a mesmerising visual experience and dramatic ‘fantastic’ landscapes.


When colour is at its richest, form is at its fullest. Paul Cézanne.